Americans United Against Corruption & Dishonest Attorneys
Non-Profit Fighting Against Corruption, Bribery, Attorney Misconduct, and Discrimination
Through All Possible Civil Litigation, Criminal Prosecution, and Other Lawful Actions

If It’s Not Right, You Must Fight
Confidentially or Openly !

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Americans United was Founded by an Extraordinarily
Brave Victim of Attorney Malpractice, Unthinkable
Harassment, Fraud, and Judicial Corruption
During the Past Fifteen Years to Give
Other Victims of Injustice a Voice in America

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DISCLAIMER: Americans United Against Corruption & Dishonest Attorneys is being sponsored by Americans United for Equal Justice (AUEJ) and  National Register of Confidential Complaints (NRCC).  AUEJ is NOT a law firm and is NOT a licensed attorney and cannot provide any legal advice. AUEJ will only attempt to organize victims of illegal misconduct and will attempt to seek legal assistance on their behalf from any honest and reliable attorneys. In appropriate cases, AUEJ may seek the assistance of criminal prosecutors and or elected officials to seek appropriate relief on behalf of the victims who can prove their case. AUEJ — as a Social Justice organization/consulting business dedicated to exposing illegal discrimination, harassment, fraud, and or corruption — will fiercely protect the victim’s identity and also document each of the illegal acts for future evidence. Because protecting the victim’s identity is the highest priority at AUEJ, registering a Confidential Complaint with the AUEJ may not satisfy any statute of limitations requirements for filing a formal complaint with a court of law or law enforcement. For any complaints needing immediate relief, victims/complainants must consult a qualified attorney or law enforcement agency as prosecution of most complaints in court may have strict time deadlines and AUEJ, with its limited resources, cannot guarantee any related relief. AUEJwill not be liable for not seeking any relief and or for any loss of data and or errors or omissions whatsoever even after a confidential complaint has been registered. Minimum $19 donation/fee or potentially refundable deposit is required for all confidential complaint registrations by individuals with household incomes of over $30,000/year.